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The composition of the sectional warper has which warper factory to analyze the development status of the warper for you

A lot of people for warping vendors would know very limited, but today we are the first and the bobbin creel process, the warping factory, wuxi, changzhou, suzhou and other such problems are put down, take a look at "what are the composition of the sectional warping machine warping factory's current situation of the development of analytical warping machine for you, hope you can know more
The main devices of the head of the sectional warping machine include: splicing, warping of the warping drum, adjusting of the guide bar and cone Angle, rotating motion of the spinning shaft when reversing, winding of the weaving shaft, printing of the full length automatic stopping and cutting, braking and up and down shaft, etc. Limited to length, working principle
1 bobbin rack 2 1 bobbin 3 1 tension device 4 1 break stop device 5 1 porcelain guide plate 6 1 guide rod 7 1 expansion reed
8 one yarn roller 9 one warp beam 10 one warp beam arm 11 one presser weight 12 one drum 13 one presser roll
Bypassing the thread guide roller 8 and winding on the warp beam 9. For common batch warper, the warp beam is installed in the bearing of the beam arm 10. The top end of the beam arm is hung with a pressure hammer 11, which makes the wholesale shirt warp on the big drum 12. For the new batch warper, the beam is driven directly and the dc motor is used
Speed control, or ac motor frequency control, or hydraulic stepless speed control, by the pressure roller 13 completed on the beam.
5. In order to reduce the labor intensity of the upper and lower shaft and shorten the stopping time of the upper and lower shaft, which of the upper and lower shaft warping machines are equipped with the upper and lower shaft setting devices. Commonly used up and down shaft devices are electric, hydraulic and pneumatic.
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This textile machinery product has been developing for a long time in China. Now we will make a systematic introduction to this product, and see how the development process and current situation of the machine product in China are.
From the perspective of the development level of the whole domestic and international textile industry at present, all kinds of domestic warp knitting machines have basically met the requirements of the warp knitting production of domestic textile enterprises at present, but there is still a certain gap between them and foreign equipment in the aspects of the warp knitting tension control, warp knitting speed, and the warp knitting automatic control. Although the foreign advanced warping machine still has the advantage of high cost performance compared with the domestic high-yield warping machine, with the rapid development of domestic warping machine in recent years, the main technical parameters and technical features of the warping machine have been close to the level of the foreign similar type.
The same, with our country's textile industry development to match the development of the warping machine is also very be a man, and cooperate with the level of our country in recent years, the textile, cannot leave the warping machine to raise the level of the development of the textile machinery plant in shandong weifang zhu in inherited the original based on the development of the warping machine, constantly developing new products, development of the warping machine in China level again on a new step.
Through the introduction of this article, we believe that you have a certain understanding of "the composition of the warp beam warper factory for your analysis of the development status of the warp beam warper". If you want to know about the warp beam warper factory and other relevant knowledge, please contact us!