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Introduction of sizing machine about the components of sizing equipment

About the components of sizing equipment, sizing machine to introduce you!
The machine used for sizing the warp beam is composed of four main parts: the clamp bracket: the set number of the warp beam, and the number of the warp beam is generally equal to the total number of the warp beam. Large slurry tank: a container for storing, warming (warming) slurry and additional parts. The warp yarn bypasses the immersion roller to adsorb the slurry, and then is squeezed between the slurry roller and the slurry roller with elastic surface layer, so that the slurry penetrates into the yarn and presses the remaining slurry to obtain the specified sizing rate. Drying chamber: the apparatus for drying wet slurry yarn is divided into three types: dry cylinder type, hot air type and hot air dryer type. The locomotive includes main transmission, rear waxing device, yarn dividing bar, length measuring printing, expansion reed, weaving shaft winding, up and down shaft and other mechanisms. The main transmission requires a wide range of infinitely variable speeds and a crawling speed (2 ~ 3 m/min) to meet the requirement of no stopping to deal with defects. The parting bar divides the dried yarn into layers. The fine yarn layer or chemical fiber sizing can be applied to the post-waxing device to make the surface of the sizing smooth and reduce electrostatic accumulation. The layered sizing yarns are further separated by expansion reeds and wound onto the weaving shaft by towing rolls. The yarn tension can be kept constant under different speeds and with increasing diameter.
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