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Jiangyin sixing jiquan professional warping machine specialist KGA339 model series grouting machine range

Established in March 2005, jiangyin sixing jiquan machinery co., LTD. Is located in no.82 changle road, zhouzhuang town, jiangyin city, jiangsu province. A sino-japanese joint venture established through joint investment and registration by the Chinese side with Japanese production house kaji and Japanese chuen international.
At present, it is the production and research and development base of domestic high-end warping machine. Its main products are KGA163C intelligent series of sectional warping machine, KGA215C series of sectional warping machine, KGA128 partial warping machine, ultra-high-speed KGA269C partial warping machines, high-speed KGA339 series of whole machine, KGA251C type ball warping machine, KGA261C yarn machine, KGA281 drum machine and special fabric knitting cowboy system of warping machine and so on six big series more than 20 specifications, at the same time the company is also China's first development and production of major manufacturer of v-shaped creel, KGA301 series of shaft piercing machine is more with its own core technology and patent, this product can be combined with the warp knitting machine, lace machine and long shaft equipment. The main leaders and technical engineers of the company have participated in the drafting, formulation and revision of national industry standards for warper and rectangular bobbin.
The company is one of the world famous YKK group zipper equipment manufacturers, as well as Japan tsudakoma supporting enterprises. The company has gathered high-quality technical resources and advanced business philosophy of the three parties of the joint venture, formed a core team with enterprise management experience, and has a number of technical teams with rich experience in mechanical design product research and development. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of various new textile machinery, product technology and a number of national patents, most of the company's products are exported to Japan and around the world, and established a long-term supporting and cooperative relationship with internationally renowned companies, enterprise equipment excellent, testing equipment complete. Company people-oriented, pay attention to the quality of staff training, professional and technical training for each post, the company by the exquisite technology, fine quality, perfect manufacturing level, get the user's high praise and reputation of jiangyin, jiangyin four-star spring professional warping machine experts made a higher value for customers and even more interests.
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KGA339 type series of whole machine is weaving preparation equipment in textile industry, can satisfy the wool, cotton, hemp, blended yarn dyed and complex sizing technology requirement of the gray fabric, sectional warping machine and sizing machine combines the advantages of combined warping and sizing process, direct complete weaving shaft production, the machine is suitable for small batch and many varieties of production, and code samples production and new product trial production and development of sizing, warping process. It has low coverage rate, good slurry integrity, quick variety replacement, high efficiency, good quality, saving raw and auxiliary materials, reducing production links and reducing production costs. The machine is yarn-dyed. The yarn of various raw materials in the industries such as wool and linen, silk and so on, from high and high density to low and low density and even high and low density. The machine is computer controlled, reasonable design and compact structure. Advanced technology, stable performance, reliable, is a variety of rapier, shed, air jet loom good supporting equipment, is a good alternative to import.
Professional warping machine experts "jiangyin four-star spring type KGA339 series" the applicable scope of the whole pulp machine and another article KGA261C type yarn warping machine is to provide some help to you, we will in the subsequent elaborate more about KGA339 type series the content of the applicable scope of the whole pulp machine, if you don't want to miss, collect our website!
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