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How does the ball warper operate?

In the textile industry, the application of the ball warping machine is very common, so do you know how the ball warping machine is operated? Check it out with the editor!
After warping the warp beam of a certain number of warp yarns is wound into a net ball yarn mass, which is then wound into a warp beam on the warp drawing machine after dyeing. The warp warp is dyed evenly and suitable for high - quality fabric such as labor cloth. The ball warping machine is composed of two parts: a cone or a cylinder, which is inserted on a creel, and the yarn is drawn from the cylinder and then wound on the warp beam by passing through the expansion reed around the yarn guide roll. The warping machine is also equipped with up -, down -, measuring - length and full - axis self - stop device. See! It's not that hard!
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