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What are sectional warps and sectional warps?

About what is section full length and section full length, many people can not distinguish clearly, now small make up to you say!
Segment warping: first, a part of the warp needed for the full width of the fabric is wound on the narrow warp shaft, and then several narrow warp shafts are unwound at the same time into the wide warp shaft. In order to make a symmetrical fabric, the rotation of each narrow warp can be arranged in a space between clockwise and counterclockwise. If a number of narrow and small warp shafts are placed side by side in order on the shaft tube, they can constitute the weaving shaft for warp knitting machine and knitting machine. So this is sectional warping, so what is sectional warping? In the warping process, a part of the total warp count of the full-width fabric is formed into a strip as required, which is then wound on the warping roller. When a strip is wound to a specified length, cut and thread the string. Next to the previous strip, wrap the other strip in parallel, so that each strip is wound until it reaches the specified number. In order to make a good shape, every layer of warp yarn should be moved slightly laterally with the rotation of the roller to make the section of the strip appear parallelogram. Finally, the full-width warp yarn on the warp roller is wound to the weaving shaft by an inverter mechanism. The sectional warping method is characterized by the fact that it can be directly made into the weaving shaft, and when used for warping of multicolor or different twisted warp yarns, it is more convenient to arrange the warp. This method is widely used in the production of yarn-dyed, wool-knitted and silk-weaving in small batch and multiple varieties.
Looking through the above content, you can distinguish between section warping and section warping, right? Jiangyin sixing jiquan professional warping machine experts, look forward to your exchanges!