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What are the advantages of large V type circulating type creels

Our company is specialized in providing products and services such as KGA269C batch warper, warper frame, etc. Do you have any idea about the classification of warper cone? This article gives you a detailed introduction on this aspect. Next, let's look at "what are the advantages of large v-type circular-type creels in the classification form of warping creels".
The basic function of the warping creel is to place the creel used for warping. Generally, yarn tension control, yarn break stop and signal indicator are also included in the creel. These functions have an important influence on the improvement of warp speed, quality and production efficiency.
Creel classification
1. The yarn rewinding mode is divided into two types: axial rewinding mode and tangential rewinding mode. The warp bobbin of axial unwinding is cone bobbin, and the bobbin does not need to rotate when the warp yarns are wound off axially. The tangential winding bobbin is a side bobbin, and the bobbin needs to be wound out of the warp yarn by rotating around the spindle seat. When stopped, the yarn relaxes and the tension decreases sharply. This method is of poor quality and the barrel capacity is limited, so it is not suitable for high-speed warping.
2. It can be divided into two types: continuous warping type and discontinuous warping type. Continuous warping creels type is also known as double bobbin creel, from the double cheese on each yarn is made up of two cone bobbin (work and prepare bobbin) alternating supply, preparation of the bobbin yarn and are working in unwinding of bobbin yarn end connect together, in the finished work on the bobbin yarn unwinding, prepare bobbin into unwinding work state automatically, bobbin become work. This type of warping is carried out in the process of warping and continuous production. Each piece of yarn is supplied from a single reel. When the yarn on a reel runs out, it must be stopped for changing, also known as intermittent warping. The discontinuous warp-warping creel is divided into two types: fixed and movable. Each yarn derived from the former is supplied by a set of creels on the creel. When the yarn on the creel is used up, it is replaced manually one by one. Which leads to each yarn is made by two groups of creel (work creel and prepare bobbin creel) alternate supplies, finished the work of bobbin frame bobbin unwinding, warping machine temporary parking, by manual or automatic operation, prepare bobbin creel transposition with work creel, prepare bobbin creel into position unwinding work, work be creel, the original bobbin creel quit work position, was replaced with a new full barrel, to prepare bobbin creel. As far as the stopping time of changing the cylinder is concerned, the movable creel is between the fixed creel and the double creel.
Large V type circulating-type bobbin frame is mainly used with the batch warping machine of warping short fibers.
The main advantage is that the frame is short, and there is no guide between the frame and the expansion reed, which is specially adapted to some short fibers that are sensitive to friction, so as to achieve low tension level and high speed operation, which is conducive to reducing the tension difference between the yarn and the breaking rate during warping. Staggered yarn barrel arrangement optimizes space utilization, V inside can store the preparation cylinder frame, convenient for workers to operate, short change cylinder time, reduce the stopping time during warping. This creel is specially adapted to high speed warping.
The above content is about "the classification form of the full-length creel has what big V type circulating type creel has what several advantages", I think you have seen our introduction, also have enough understanding to this aspect content. In addition to this, we also introduced the contents of KGA269C batch warp machine, wuxi, changzhou, suzhou, batch warp machine, etc., please pay attention!