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  Founded in March, 2005, Jiangyin 4 Star Kaji Izumi Machinery Co.,Ltd is located at changshou Industrial Park, Zhouzhuang Town,Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. It is a Sino-Japanese joint venturejointlyinvested by YUKI Making andIZUMI Corporation.

  Our group is mainly engaged in the reserarch, development,production and sales of various new textile machines.We are also the productuion and development base of warping machine in China. Our Main products are classified into more than 30 models of six KGA series namely as Super-High-Speed Direct Warping Machine,Smart-high-Speed Sectional Warping Machine, Warping-Sizing Combinatorial Machine, Ball Warping Machine, Rebeamer, Cone Winder Machine/Rewinder Machine.Besides this, we are also the 1st manufacture & developer in Big V Creel in China.It has integrated the high-quality technical resources and advanced operation philosophy of three investors, organized a core team with business managementexperience and set up technical groups. Obtain several national patents for product technologies.

  Our company passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.Our company participated in drafting, revision of national standard and industrial standard of warping machine, creel and warping beam several times. Furthermore, it has established the long-term cooperation with famous enterprises at home and abroad. It is the supplier of world-renowned YKK (Japan) and TSUDAKOMA (Japan). Relying on superb techniques, detailed quality requirements and perfect manufacturing quality, it has won good appraisals and reputation among customers and promoted the value of customers.


  Leader's speech:企业简介

  Sino-Japanese joint venture Jiangyin Four Stars Quanquan Machinery Co., Ltd. has gathered the technical elites and outstanding talents of the Sino-Japanese joint venture companies, inheriting the management of both partiesThe experience and cultural heritage combines the accumulation of many years of manufacturing technology and technology between the two companies. Since its establishment, the company has been carrying out finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and literacy with the aim of fine management and lean production. On-site management of the workshop, the company continues to innovate, seek for development, pursue perfect products, high quality, utilize exquisite technical resources, be honest and pragmatic, and provide customers with high-quality value-added services and comprehensive solutions.

  In this era of economic globalization, in this era of fierce competition, we will simultaneously accept global technologies and ideas. We will use our professional manufacturing background to leverage our wisdom and potential, from corporate management to corporate governance, and effective The incentive mechanism and the pressure-binding mechanism, do a good job in the system construction, brand building, and cultural construction of the enterprise, cultivate employees' positive health mentality, good moral habits, and enable the company and employees to grow together and develop together!




  Objectives:Thinking innovation quest for quality precision management lean manufacturing

  Mission: Create values for customers obtain interests for shareholders increase the income of employees make more contributions to the society

  Management philosophy: Righteous enterprise, highly-motivated teams, aspiring employees

  Service philosophy: High-quality service, proprietary technical resources, excellent solutions, multiplying value

  Employees’value: Work for happiness, feel happy in work